Mark’s Tips

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Mark’s Window Cleaning Tips

Clean them every three to four months for best results

Windows are best cleaned when it’s dry, and not in direct sunlight.

Never let sprinkler systems continually spray glass.

Mark’s Tips On Carpet Beetles

Carpet beetles feed on natural fibres

They chew carpet edges and leave edges bare

If your carpet looks like it’s rotting, you might have carpet beetle!

Insecticide is the only way to get rid of carpet beetle.

Mark’s Carpet Tips

Forget DIY, use experts trained and qualified to clean carpets properly.

Please don’t use baking soda on your carpet, I have seen some horrendous marks left, which were worse than the original stain.

Water is the safest remover and the sooner you get to a stain the better – don’t let it dry.

Never use white wine to get rid of red – no matter what your friends say!

Keep in mind wool carpet takes longer to dry than nylon.

Ask about our air-movers that speed up drying in winter.

Mark’s Upholstery Tips

Never remove and machine wash suite covers

Don’t leave it, clean your suite every three years

The more stained and soiled it is, the sooner your suite will need replacing

Summer’s a great time to clean upholstery.